Lintel Replacement

We specialize in structural wall removal and lintel replacements, on buildings of various size & age.

We use top grade Australian standards (Code No. 4680 Hot Dip Galvanizating Lintels), so there is never a need for replacement or painting. We are careful not to use inferior products, such as dymet or electroplated lintels, as these can cause further troubles, shortly after they have been replaced.

We fabricate & shape lintels for special orders.

We render, plaster, re-point and replace brickwork where need be.

We can provide an Engineers report, and assure smooth quick passage through council if required.


If your lintel needs replacing there has already been structural damage occurring near by. If not handled by somebody with experience further damage may occur, whilst the old lintel is being removed. The damage needs to be assessed on its merits.

There are many different materials used in older buildings. These older materials must be carefully considered; as they matter both structurally and aesthetically, when blending new work with old.

We take the time to ensure protection of flowerbeds, driveways and all joining area’s etc., into account whilst completing the work required. We always leave the work site with a clean, tidy, professional finish.

As with all of our work, we provide our insurance certificates (if requested), and a list of phone numbers and contact details of our last 20 customer’s. They have advised us, that they are happy to recommend us to potential client’s.